World class art comes to Bogota


An impressive new art project aimed at bringing change to Colombia will begin in Bogota on October 11.

The project, dubbed YO CREO! (I believe!), will be “the first event in Colombia that combines fine art, world-winning photography and urban art,” according to event organizer Jimmy Jinx.

“We are trying to create a new market here for pop art, for urban art, for affordable art,” the enthusiastic Jinx told Colombia Reports. The central concept of “Yo Creo!” is to bring about social change through the medium of art, he explained.

The event, kicking off on October 11 at “The Hub” in Bogota, started with a photo contest in 2011 which drew over 3,000 submissions from Colombian photographers of all levels answering the question “I believe the Colombian people are beautiful because…,” which became known as Yo Creo.

The contest inspired Jinx and his Septima Photos co-founder Pav Cheema to take the concept and expand it into the launch platform for an international art subasta. “Once we’d got a couple of big names onboard, like Rankin and Terry O´Neill, the thing just took on a life of its own” intervined Cheema.
The exposition Thursday night will be the first time everyone’s work will be seen publicly. Keen to avoid the aura of a typical gallery opening, Jinx has arranged for several VIPs to come as well as for the Hub to be decked out with food, drink, a chill out area and special areas for the artwork. The emphasis is very much focused on the younger generations. Doors open at 8PM on the first night and will run for 10 days, admission free.

From there, the party will move to Gimnasio Moderno (see map below) on October 24. It is here that all the spectacular artwork will be auctioned off for charity. All proceeds will go to the Tiempo de Juego and Casa Sha foundations. In total, Jinx expects to raise approximately $55,000.

Once the artwork has been sold, organizers will head to some of the poorer neighborhoods on Bogota’s outskirts to arrange a family day. Posters of the artwork will be made, so that locals can also experience the fine art and get involved in workshops.

Throughout the whole process, organizers will be shooting a movie of “Yo Creo,” which will document the various aspects of the project.

While Yo Creo! is a one-off event, Jinx sees the project as a dry run for similar ventures that bring in other aspects of pop culture, such as hip-hop and fashion.

From Colombia Reports


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