The day began with an opening price of 3,386 Colombian Pesos (COP) for one US dollar, at 10:05 am, it maintains an average negotiation of COP3,405.03, with an increase of COP26.6 against the Tasa Representativa del Mercado (TRM), which for today is at COP3,378.43.

This is the fourth time in the year that the currency exceeds the COP3,400 level, having the highest price last February when the TRM was at COP3,423.24, reports La Republica.

Stock exchanges in Asia continue to be affected by the virus, as news about its spread increases. For example, Japan is still in alert to the cases that are confirmed in the cruise ship with more than 3,000 people, while Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer of Apple, asked its workers not to return to the Shenzhenfacilities after the end of the Lunar New Year break on February 10.