The World Through Expat Eyes – Colombia Tops In Latin Ameria For Most Welcoming Country

Click on image for the Internations insider report
Click on image for the Internations insider report

TODAY COLOMBIA – Where do expats enjoy the best quality of living? Which countries are ideal for raising children? Where can expats make the most of their budget?

Just released: Expat Insider 2015 lets you compare expat life in 64 countries all across the globe.

Find out why people relocate, what their daily life is like, and how satisfied they are… Expect to be surprised!

Click here for the full Internations report.

The Internations country rankings list the best (and worst) among 64 destinations across the globe, focusing on essential topics: quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, family life, and personal finance. They also compare the most popular destinations for expat women vs. men.

According to the infographic, Colombia is number 33 on the “Top Expat Destination for 2015”, number 40 for women, and not surprisingly number 18 for men.

Of the most welcoming countries in Latin America  Colombia tops the list (5), followed by Ecuador (6), Brazil (10), Costa Rica (11), Argentina (12), Peru (30),  and Chile (46).

Finding a new job, boosting an existing career due to a foreign assignment, or starting their own business was the most important motivation for moving abroad for as many as one-third of all survey participants worldwide. However, the working conditions that await them in their country of choice may vary widely.

In the Deck Chair Vs. Desk Chair work-life balance, living to work or working to live, Colombia did not place in either the top satisfied or least satisified.

What’s an expat anyway? Internations has identified 10 types of expats that roam the world.

Intenations says people go abroad for a variety of reasons. Based on statistical methods for cluster analysis, they divided our large survey population into various sub-groups. By grouping data sets according to similarity of responses, certain trends among these groups began to emerge.

The chart below shows ten different types of expats which the Expat Insider survey identifies, as well as their salient features: from the Foreign Assignee and the Traveling Spouse, to the (Ex-)Student in pursuit of an education and the Romantic moving for love, to the Adventurer and several others.



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