Snacks From Around The World Right To Your Doorstep In US and Canada

The Colombia Yum box was featured in September 2015
The Colombia Yum box was featured in September 2015

TODAY COLOMBIA – Have you ever wondered what people in Costa Rica or in other countries snack on? What if I were to tell you can now get those snacks in the United States and Canada? And delivered to your door? Sip, no need to travel to that country or have someone bring it back for you.

Universal Yums has your back.

“It has been our goal to provide an experience to Americans that will nudge them to be more open-minded and curious about the world they live in,” Bernstein says.

Universal Yums is a US-based company that sends their subscribers a box full of snacks and candies from a different country each month. Box sets have featured salty, savory, spicy, and sweet treats from 12 different nations so far including Germany, Brazil, Italy, China, Mexico, and Scandinavia, and there are many more to come.

Starting in their apartment last year, co-founders Monique Bernstein and Eli Zauner, is a pair that dreamed of travelling the world but were tied down by unfortunate factors like restricted vacation days and limited finances. So, they decided to bring the world to them, and now the rest of us, by collecting and sharing the best munchies from around the globe.

The company has delivered Yums, starting in December 2014, from Germany, Brazil, Italy, China, Scandinavia, Israel, Mexico, Japan, India, Colombia, Holland and Korea. Yums promises this month’s box will be at your door by Christmas.

The Colombia Yum box featured
The Yum box arrives at your door every month.

You can choose between two sizes—the Yum box (6+ snacks) or the Yum Yum box (13+ snacks)—and they currently ship free to the US and US$2.50 to Canada. The company says it is working on free delivery to Canadians.

There are two box sizes: Yum Box for US$13 per month with 6 or more snacks and Yum Yum Box for US$25 for 12 or more snacks. Shipping to the US is free, Canada add US$2.50 per month.

It works as a membership, you sign up and each month a new box arrives at your door. You can cancel anytime. Although past boxes cannot be purchased, the company says it is working on changing that.

Bernstein and Zauner say these curated boxes contain more than just snacks, they bring an all-around educational experience. In addition to multi-flavored goodies, each package comes with a link to a special music playlist, a card with trivia and fun facts about the featured country, info on the included snacks, and decorative colored tissue paper to resemble the featured country’s flag. There’s even a clue so you can guess what the theme of the next month’s box will be!

What’s more is that these unique boxes make for an awesome gift idea. In fact, they make for a fantastic holiday gift idea, which is why we and Universal Yums are hooking you up!



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