Sexiest Colombian necklines revealed (Video)

The sexiest necklines worn by famous Colombian women have been revealed.

Colombians are alleged experts in determining the line between fashion that is sensual and that which is just on the verge of vulgar. According to Caracol Television program “The Network,” these are the top five Colombian stars that have found the perfect mix of eroticism and sobriety when it comes to their fashion decisions.

1. Sofia Vergara – The famed Colombian actress takes the win of sexiest neckline from multiple displays throughout her nationally and internationally acclaimed career, proving that she “carries her talent within, and on the outside.”

2. Catalina Sandino – Another Colombian actress who was recognized for her dress when she was nominated for an Oscar in 2005. She may not have won but she still received plenty of attention for her exclusive design by the Italian fashion man Roberto Cavalli.

3. Taliana Vargas – The Miss Colombia Universe 2008 revealed her risky neckline at a 2011 fashion award show in a dress by icon Isabel Henao.

4. Catalina Aristizabal – The Colombian model, presenter, and actress got her vote as 4th most sensual neckline from a dress designed by Roberto Cavalli that she wore to a bicentennial event.

5. Claudia Bahamon – This Colombian model and presenter got notice for a mid-thigh, sparkly black dress with a profound neckline made by Ricardo Piñeres, which she donned at a 2010 Sting concert in Bogota.


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