Police catch “Las Eroticas” for extorting 247 men

QCOLOMBIA – A group of Colombian women known as “Las Eroticas” were arrested shortly after police discovered that they extorted money from more than 200 men.

The “las eroticas” during a police lineup

According to the investigation, they offered sexual services over the Internet and managed to deceive their victims, who ended up sending them intimate photographs. Then they asked them for the money in exchange for not posting the images on social media with signs pointing out that they were sexual abusers.

What they offered to entice men to upload compromising photos to then be extorted with

In exchange for not publishing their intimate photos, the women demanded payments of between 100,000 and 20 million Colombian pesos, that is, between (US$28 and about US$6,500 dollars).

The band consisted of five women from Bogotá, but who made their plays throughout Colombia. According to the authorities, Las Eroticas had been extorting all year, creating an adult content website, in which they offered alleged sexual services and required users’ intimate photos to continue.

Men were asked to provide compromising photos to continue with the website

Later, they used the images to request money, in exchange for not spreading them.

Authorities learned of the Las Eroticas after a married man denounced that he was a victim, since, in one of the intimate photos shared between them, the woman wrote the text: “Rapist of prostitutes, who hires and rapes them so as not to pay them, if you see him notifiy authorities ”.

The man denounced the extortion and the police began an investigation that showed that it was not an isolated case, but that 247 victims throughout Colombia had been deceived with the same modus operandi.


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