Juan Francisco Espinosa, current director of Migración Colombia (Colombia Immigration), said Tuesday that travelers have “the responsibility of notifying symptoms” to authorities while there is a global alert for the appearance of the coronavirus.

Juan Francisco Espinosa, current director of Migration Colombia. Photo: Colprensa

The explanation was given after this week a Colombian denounced that, upon his return to Bogotá from China, he and his family were not given adequate controls. Immigration, on the other hand, assured that the control work was carried out.

According to the official, control logistics at the terminals is led by the Ministry of Health with the support of airlines and port authorities. “Passengers also have a responsibility burden with a country that receives them,” he said.

The director explained, “When a person enters the country they are interviewed by an immigration officer, where they are asked if they have been in China for the past fourteen days. You have to take into account that there are no direct flights between China and Colombia“.

Espinosa also stressed that banners were installed at airports with messages about the importance of notifying the corresponding authorities if they have been in China or nearby countries.

“With respect to the specific case of Sergio Andrés Bautista, who entered the country on February 2 in the company of his family, from New York, it is important to specify that once the safety videos of the attention filter were reviewed, it was possible to verify that established protocols by Migración Colombia were fully complied with,” Espinosa said.