Journalist killed in southern Colombia day after announcing election run

Luis Peralta (Photo: El Diario del Huila

A journalist from southern Colombia who had said he wanted to run for mayor on Friday was assassinated on Saturday.

According to local media, journalist Luis Peralta was the director of a radio station in the southern Caqueta department. The network was an affiliate of national radio news network Caracol.

Peralta, 63, was shot dead in his home. His wife was present at the time of the assassination and injured by the bullets.

A colleague told press freedom organization FLIP that the journalist had told him he was receiving death threats, but wouldn’t give details. According to FLIP, the journalist also didn’t go to the police to report the alleged threats.


Peralta was known locally for his critical approach to the local administration of the municipality in El Doncello where he worked, said the newspaper.

According to reports, Peralta had recently been denouncing local corruption in the granting of oil contracts and public works.

He announced on Friday, one day before his death, to run to replace Mayor Fernando Troncoso (Liberal Party) in the October local elections.

The assassination was immediately condemned by press freedom organizations and demanded immediate protection for others working at the local radio station.


La FLIP rechaza asesinato del periodista Luis Peralta Cuellar (FLIP)

La FLIP rechazó asesinato del periodista Luis Peralta Cuéllar (Diario del Huila)


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