FARC-EP to End 2012 Searching Peace for Colombia

Guerrilla fighter Jaime Nevado, a member of the peace delegation of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People”s Army (FARC-EP), said in this capital that they will end the year hopeful for this process in search of a different country.

Those who are in Havana will spend a guerrilla Christmas because we are fighters, thinking that as the son of God is born, children of our people die from malnutrition, lack of medical care, killed by the bullets of the Colombian Army, destroyed by the bombs of imperialism, Nevado said.

“We will live these days aware that the peace process depends on that our people can be different from what they are today”, the guerrilla fighter said in exclusive remarks to Prensa Latina.

According to Nevado, known in the guerrilla for his cultural talent, that “also leave us the teaching that the struggle has to be daily, minute by minute, second by second to change our country for a new country, where impunity does not reign and where we can live with dignity and in peace.”

The FARC-EP will spend this December 2012 under a unilateral ceasefire until January 2013, decreed for them on November 20 during the beginning of talks with the Colombian government, based in Cuba, a guarantor country along with Norway in this process.

To a question on how is it to spend the new year holidays in the jungles, Nevado said that it depends on whether the government attacks them.

“Christmas in the guerrillas is beautiful when we have conditions to celebrate, when it is not a day of combat. The son of God was born fighting against the Roman empire, and we fight against the gringo empire,” he said.

In Nevado’s opinion, the Christmas slogan is love and peace. And that is the reason why we fight in our land since we emerged as FARC-EP in 1964, fighting for love, equality, and peace with social justice.


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