Colombia’s July oil production falls 6%

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Photo credit: Colombia's Oil and Mining Ministry

Colombia produced an average of 945,000 barrels per day (bpd) in July, down 6% from June, when output averaged slightly more than 1 million bpd, the Energy and Mines Ministry said.

“The attacks on petroleum infrastructure affected production in recent months to a great extent,” Energy and Mines Minister Tomas Gonzalez said in a statement.

President Juan Manuel Santos said a few days ago that Colombia’s goal was to keep production above 1 million bpd, but he added that the target would be “difficult” to hit.

Production has averaged 1.01 million bpd so far this year, Gonzalez said.

Colombia’s monthly oil production

“This figure reflects the sector’s solid position and the government-industry synergies in dealing with the low prices the industry is experiencing,” the energy and mines minister said.

Natural gas production fell to 966 million cubic feet per day in July, down 6.69 percent from the 1.035 billion cubic feet per day registered in June due to changes in demand.

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