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Colombian prostitute embroiled in Secret Service sex scandal says ‘I’m not to blame for being attractive’ and calls U.S. agents ‘stupid brutes’

The Colombian escort at the center of the Secret Service scandal has revealed more sordid details of the night President Obama’s men paid her for sex at a hotel.

Speaking from Madrid, Spain where she was staying with family, Dania Suarez, 24, said the men were ‘stupid brutes’ and drinking vodka ‘like it was water’ in a local bar.

A government report published last week told how the Secret Service agents involved in the Colombian prostitution scandal paid nine of the 12 women that they took home from the bar that evening to the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena.

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The agents had been in Colombia in preparation for President Obama’s trip to the country.

Miss Suarez, a single mother of a nine-year-old son, agreed to be interviewed for free to tell her side of the story.

She described the men as ‘stupid brutes’ who chose to party with young women instead of making the President’s safety their priority.

Dressed in a peach mini-dress and bold necklace, Miss Suarez told Msnbc: ‘They liked to show off their bodies, great bodies, well-defined abs… I was surprised that every time he danced with me, he lifted up his sweater so I could see.’

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The 24-year-old said there was one ‘crazy guy’ who would jump up on the bar. She also said that the way the men approached her and her friends gave the impression that they had done it before.

They liked to show off their bodies…
I was surprised that every time he danced with me, he lifted up his sweater so I could see.

Dania Suarez, Colombian prostitute

When asked by the reporter if she tempted the agents, Miss Suarez burst out laughing and said she could not be faulted for being attractive but that it was the agents’ fault for ‘leaving their duty behind’

One man, identified as Arthur Huntington, allegedly agreed on a price of $800 to have sex with Miss Suarez. She explained that during the transaction she gestured the amount with hand signals and using the words ‘sex’, ‘sexo’, ‘cash’, dinero’ to get the point across.

She said the pair had ‘normal’ sex and then the agent fell asleep, giving her ample opportunity to steal whatever she wanted from his hotel room – which she did not do.

Miss Suarez said that the Americans were showing off their bodies to her and her friends and appeared to have past experience when it came to approaching young women.


The 24-year-old said the next morning, although the man wanted her to stay, she asked for the money they had agreed upon the previous evening – which was when he became ‘very angry’.

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The agent then gave her $50 and closed the door. Police became involved, setting off a Secret Service investigation which involved 12 agents, another 12 members of the military and which overshadowed Barack Obama’s visit to the Summit of the Americas.

She described the men as ‘completely stupid’ and that she didn’t know how they had come to be a part of Obama’s security team.

Miss Suarez turned sombre when she explained that she was not proud of her actions. However, she reportedly was considering a book deal offered by an American publisher as she has more details to reveal.

Dania Suarez has said she was swindled by the U.S. agent who agreed to pay her for sex.


Last week, the Secret Service submitted a detailed report about what exactly happened on the night that a dozen agents were partying at a bar in Cartagena while in the country to protect the President.

The report confirms that nine of the women who went back to the Hotel Caribe with the agents were paid thought their identities were not publicly revealed.

The Washington Post says that the 24-page report was submitted to the relevant congressional committees who are investigating the scandal, and those officials will not release the full extent of their findings.

Investigators from the Secret Service are continuing their hunt for more information about the evening, and so far they have only spoken with those nine women.

They are still looking to talk to the remaining three women.

So far, they have done background checks on the first nine and have reported that none of them have connections to terrorist organizations or drug cartels, which was a major concern at the beginning of the scandal since they had access to the Secret Service agent’s hotel rooms.

The women were aged between 20 and 39 years old.

In an interview last week, Miss Suarez said she never would have complained about not being paid had she known the agent was in the American Secret Service.

She said she fled the country after the scandal broke for fear of retribution, and spent time in Dubai with a person she had met in Cartagena before going to Spain.

Suarez said she considers herself an escort, because prostitutes ‘are lower class and live in brothels.’

‘We’re going to use this as a base to operate from, but we’re also waiting for those statements from the women,’ Congressman Peter King told The Washington Post.

Mr King, one of those in charge of the congressional investigations, said that speaking to the remaining three women ‘will fill in a lot of the gaps’.

The report also details the staff ranks of some of the dozen agents involved with the women in Cartagena, Colombia.

Two were supervisory criminal investigators, three were snipers, three were part of a counter-assault team.

Nine of the 12 agents submitted to polygraph exams, while three chose not to cooperate.

One of the three that did not submit to a test was the man who initially caused the whole fiasco by refusing to pay his prostitute in full.

That man, identified as Arthur Huntington, would not pay the $800 he initially agreed to pay prostitute Diana Suarez.

Huntington’s wife, Jolie, told relatives she will ‘make the marriage work’ with Arthur Huntington, her husband of nearly 20 years.

Friends and family of the couple say that he would never have intentionally hurt her.

Huntington has left the agency since the incident earlier this month, but the circumstances of his departure are unclear.

The revelation came as the Secret Service circulated ‘enhanced standards of conduct’ from director Mark Sullivan in response to the prostitution scandal in Colombia.

The document instructed employees to ‘consider your conduct through the lens of the past several weeks.’


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