Colombian Former Senator: 2013 Will Be a Year For Peace

The former Senator Piedad Cordoba announced that 2013 will be a year of massive demonstrations in favor of peace, the first of those mobilizations scheduled for April 9 with mass rallies across the country.

The historical fate of Colombia can not be violence, she said during the launch of the book ¿Peace is possible¿, of the journalist and editor of the weekly Voz, Carlos Lozano, in García Márquez Cultural Center in this capital.

Colombia’s peace will come, so we can not allow that the process started by the government and the FARC-EP insurgent force is discontinued or adjourned the roundtable, installed in Havana, Cuba.

This country has to dream again, she said, we want a country where people can disagree, where misery is averted and young people can smile.

Cordoba thanked the collaboration of Cuba and Norway as guarantors of this process, as well as Venezuela in the preliminary stages leading to the materialization of the dialogue between the parties.

She also greeted Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and wished him a speedy physical recovery.

Hopefully the world may have men like him, or like Fidel Castro, she said, able to risk their lives to defend the lives of others, able to transcend as Bolivar, Marti and Jorge Eliecer Gaitan.


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