Colombian Exports Grow at Constant Rhythm

Colombia maintained a continuous rhythm in its exports in the last 31 months, generated by a percentage every time bigger in the machinery-transport sector and an outstanding participation of the factories (16.4 percent).

In an official report delivered to the press Wednesday, the Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Sergio Díaz-Granados, described those results as stimulating, mainly in “the world context of economic deceleration already touching our neighboring countries,” he said. The Colombian sales abroad increased 1.2 percent in May – compared to the same period of 2011 -, equivalent to 5.201 million dollars, he pointed out.

In accordance with the National Department of Statistics (DANE), in the period of January to May those sales ascended to 25.646 million dollars, the biggest historical value exported by the country in the first five months of a year, for a growth of 14.1 percent regarding the same stage of 2011.

According to the new classification, in the item of big lines manufacture exports stand out, going from 808.6 million dollars in 2011 to 941.1 million in the same month of 2012, for an increase of 16.4 percent.

The result was due to the positive contribution of the machinery-transport sector, which grew 44.3 percent, they pointed out.

On the other hand, from January to May, the exports grew 8.4 percent, soon after the sales originated by the reexport of airships entered under the modality of temporary import, assembling transformation or repair.

The registered ones in the sectors of iron and steel (12.7 percent), plastics in primary forms (11.5) and chemical products (5.2) joined these data.


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