Anti-kidnapping police commander arrested for attempted kidnapping


Police in Colombia’s coffee region have arrested a commander of a nearby anti-kidnapping and extortion unit on kidnapping charges, local media reported Wednesday.

The sub-commander of the anti kidnapping and extortion unit of the Antioquia police department, based in Medellin, was arrested in the city of Pereira after being caught red-handed while trying to kidnap a local businessman.

The victim was able to call the authorities while in the back of a van after which his alleged kidnappers were taken into custody.

Nevertheless, a local judge ordered the immediate release of the official as according to him the authorities had failed to surrender enough evidence of the policeman’s involvement in the kidnapping, reported newspaper El Tiempo.

The policeman’s defense attorney had claimed his client traveled to Pereira to help a family member collect money that was owed.

The commander of the anti-kidnapping unit told Caracol Radio the arrest was an embarrassment for his department.

“This act unfortunately tarnishes the activities of the police. These acts sadly give a lot to think and it is unfortunate because this is not what you logically expext of your subordinates,” said Colonel Gustavo Chavarro.

The anti-extortion police in Antioquia has been the center of scandals previously; A former commander was arrested and extradited to the United States where he was sentenced for his ties to drug trafficking paramilitary groups.

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