7 little crowded beaches in Colombia that you should know

QCOLOMBIA – Although among the lessons that the pandemic is leaving is the difficulty to plan activities – one of them is traveling -, it has not ceased to be a secret or a novelty that planning a vacation in advance brings multiple benefits.

Bahía El Aguacate, in Capurganá, is one of the most beautiful little crowded beaches in Colombia. / Getty Images / oscar garces

Lower cost in tickets and accommodation, space in the best experiences of the destination, good planning and special discounts, are some of the benefits of deciding in advance.

In addition, according to experts, traveling brings multiple benefits from the moment you start planning.

In Go Away Just For The Health of It, Canadian physician Mel Borins wrote: “Going away helps you get away from the stressful parts of life. It can help improve your perspectives, provide new points of view and allow you to develop new strategies to deal with problems”.

In addition to knowing places, people, cultures and foods, traveling stimulates the brain, which, according to psychologist Óscar Díaz, has the particularity of being able to change its structure.

“This implies a possibility that the different areas are shaped according to our experiences, memories, emotions, dreams and abilities,” says the psychologist.

Likewise, traveling heightens the senses, depending on experiences, such as touch and interoception, hearing, taste or vision, as well as the perception of new stimuli.

Hundreds of studies have been carried out on the benefits of traveling, some conclude that it reduces the risk of suffering from myocardial infarction and generates long-term well-being.

In addition, according to Óscar Díaz, traveling allows you to discover a new universe that creates greater self-confidence and strengthens processes such as language, memory, and problem-solving strategies.

Therefore, in turbulent times, a getaway to the beach, which according to studies by specialists such as Anato, Viajala and Despegar is the most sought after destination by Colombians since the restart of tourism, could be the perfect recipe to feel better.

These are seven options for the mid-year vacation. Remember to strictly follow biosafety protocols.

1. Cinto, Magdalena

Among the attractions found in the Tayrona National Natural Park, is Playa Cintoh, which is characterized by its peace and tranquility.

According to Situr Magdalena, this beach is indicated for those who seek to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle, while contemplating a dreamlike landscape.

You can also go hiking or snorkeling. Cinto has great underwater life and crystal clear water.

The area has accommodation in cabins facing the sea. To get there you must take a boat from Taganga beach or from Neguanje.

2. Nuquí, Chocó

In the Colombian Pacific you can enjoy the tropical jungle, mangroves, virgin beaches, an amazing biodiversity, whale watching and the richness of Afro culture.

Responsible and nature tourism is key in Nuquí. / Getty Images

A swim in the Cascada del Amor, tours of mangroves full of biodiversity of flora and fauna, a tour of the Mar y Río Interpretive Trail, or kayaking in any of the rivers of Nuquí, are some of the activities that cannot be missed in this municipality.

You can also sail on champas or chingos, which are wooden boats for one or two people.

3. Capurganá, Chocó<

Capurganá, near the border with Panama, is a natural paradise surrounded by the biodiversity of the Darien jungle and the Caribbean Sea. Like its neighbor Sapzurro, throughout the corner of South America, Capurganá has various attractions of nature and adventure.

Its crystalline rivers, waterfalls in the jungle, the crossing, walking or by boat, to La Miel (Panama), and coral reefs for the responsible practice of diving and snorkeling, are some of the recommendations. Be sure to visit the natural pools of La Coquerita and El Aguacate.

4. Ciénaga, Magdalena

Ciénaga offers all the elements to be considered a first-class tourist destination. In addition to being part of the Network of Heritage Villages of Colombia, for its architectural beauty and historical and cultural richness, it is privileged by the biodiversity that surrounds it.

Ciénaga stands out for its colorful sunsets and for the National Festival of the Legend and Dance of the Cienaguero Cayman. / Maria Castaño Carmona

Its 13.5 kilometers of white and soft beach, the Caymanian culture, its colorful sunsets, Ciénaga Grande, and its stilt villages and its hot springs, unique in the region, make it an unmissable destination in the Colombian Caribbean.

Ciénaga, Cultural Heritage of Colombia, is 25 minutes from the Simón Bolívar airport in Santa Marta, and one hour and fifteen minutes from the Ernesto Cortissoz airport, in Barranquilla.

The Templete of the Plaza Centenario, the town’s flagship image, is a National Architectural Heritage.

5. Rincón del Mar, Sucre

Rincón del Mar, in the traditional town of San Onofre, is a destination for culture, fishing, agriculture, white sand beaches and crystal clear water.

It is a small paradise of smiling and friendly people who walk barefoot along the only street in the village.

The sunsets of this corner of paradise are also recognized by travelers who, when the day is ending, enjoy the spectacle of colors while savoring the exquisite seafood of this destination, which is characterized by its experiential tourism, for its tranquility and for its cheap prices.

6. Tumaco, Nariño

Adventure tourism, nature and culture, whale and bird watching, tour of mangroves and nature reserves, Tumaco, the Pearl of the Pacific, is a destination to open the senses.

The soft and sonorous sounds of the marimba, the breeze from the Pacific sea, the smell of fresh seafood and the smiles of the locals are the sensations that accompany a trip full of surprises and emotions.

Birds, flowers, medicinal plants, currulao, lullabies and brown bodies that when walking seem to dance on the long beach, with sparkling but crystalline waters.

7. Mayapo, La Guajira

Approximately 30 minutes from Riohacha, in the municipality of Manaure, are the beaches of Mayapo, where, among many other benefits, it is possible to find all the cultural and ancestral wealth of the indigenous Wayúus.

The place is also known for its fine white sand beaches and its crystal clear sea. Also, due to the strong winds that blow in the place, Mayapo attracts fans of nautical sports such as kitesurfing, sailing in small sailboats and windsurfing. A little crowded paradise, ideal to visit with family or friends.


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